Workshop with Nicola Crivelli

For someone starting out with bonsai, it’s always a nice thing to go at workshop’s. You meet new folks with the same interest, you see all kinds of trees, you learn new technique but for me the most important thing is talking to the „oldies“ and absorb all their knowledge in the short time throw out  the workshop.

Not all workshops are the same, there’s the theory ones, the one with lot of talking, the one with very little talking, the ones where there always somebody disturbing the group, and the ones where everybody is an expert and the one where you are alone with the master. If you have been in such workshops you know what I am talking about.

Last Saturday I went on a one-man-workshop!! It was only me and the master was concentrated in explain me everything in a way that I understood. I am still a greenhorn so I had lot of questions. While I am writing this post I am thinking: was there a negative side aspect to a one-man-workshop? No, not at all. A one-man-workshop can only be positive and I can only suggest it to everybody who has a chance to do so.

The master in question is Nicola Crivelli. I follow his blog since a good year now and always find his work very interesting, and then I saw the picture of “Lone Wolf with cub” I felt in love.
Lone Wolf with cub
This Shimpaku juniper is elegant, stylish, modern and yet classic in a very refined way. A real joy for the eyes, a goal for every enthusiast, the essence of bonsai beauty: for me the best I have ever seen!
So I decided, I have to meet this artist and admire his work LIVE!!

Because I repotted most of my plants in April, we didn’t make major works on all of them. We styles a cotoneaster, we made spring works on a Zelkova, two acer, a prunus incisa and I had the opportunity to restyle a Shimpaku juniper under his advise.

Here some of out work:
Cotoneaster Bernadette
27012013_front 27042013_finish

Acer buergerianum Bev
27042013_front 27042013_finish

Zelkova Brandy

Juniperus chinensis Itoigawa Cybil

I definitely will repeat this experience again. Nicola is a real artist and I am sure the world will see more of his wonderful work in the future and can appreciate his elegant Art.


…love, Melanie!!



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