Japan is definitely not just sushi!!

I find this wonderfull video on vimeo. Is just a dream. Hope you like it like I did. Sushi, Bento, Tunafish, Sake, Onigiri, Sashimi, Udon, Miso soup, and much more. From Japan with Love (and Dashi) About this video “The first video in Season 3 of The Perennial Plate. This short film combines two weeks… Continue reading Japan is definitely not just sushi!!

Let’s go eat japanese

Is always very refreshing to see that a small japanese restaurant runs well. The Kabuki in Bern is one of those. I love this small little restaurant, very bright, cozy and clear.  The girls speak a swiss language with a strong asiatic accent, and the cook are real charming and handsome. If you are in the Swiss capital and… Continue reading Let’s go eat japanese