It’s spring – repotting time!

I had to crack to pot in order to free this acer palmatum from the well to small shoes

Italiano For bonsai lovers spring maybe the busiest season of the year, first check if winter caused some damage, then bring the plants „out“ of their winter sleep, well… you know what I mean, the greenhouse. After that you have to make sure that no late frost could damage your trees. And when the first… Continue reading It’s spring – repotting time!

The winner takes it all

wild olive, winner of the Noerlanders Trophy 2014

Italiano This title is one of my favorites by Abba: “The winner take it all…” exactly what is supposed to happen. The lyrics express more a loss than a win and to be honest I always have to hold my tears when listen to it. Ok, I don’t want to be too sentimental here, after… Continue reading The winner takes it all