Organize Bonsai Art magazines

It’s still very cold outside and we still have snow. I can’t do Bonsai with such weather instead I decided to reorganize my Bonsai Art magazines. Not too long ago I was able to purchase almost all issue from 1 to 99, for the new ones I subscribed to the magazine and some other I will order online during this year.

There were some open questions to check out:
“How to organize them?”
“Should I organize them electronic to?”

First I had them organized by number, also from 1 to 99 (+ the others), in each box 12 issue, then I realized that it wasn’t practical when I have to search an issue. Considering that I will read them all, I thought it will be more effective to have them organized by release month: January/February in one box, March/April in one other and so on.

And here is the result:

organize magazines


I still don’t know if I will organize them electronically, like a online databank. I will come back to this maybe later.

Have a nice day

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