New plants

Last friday I went to Zürich and visited a friend. On my way I passed by the  Gartencenter Zulauf in Schinznach-Dorf with is the biggest bonsai nursery in Switzerland that I know and purchased two plants: a shohin ulmus parviflora and a pre-bonsai podocarpus  for Fr. 38.- each. Hopfully they are worth the money.

Saturday I whent to my trusted aquarium vendor and I passed by another garden center. Blumenmarkt Dietricht in Gampelen is huge however the sales forces are very frendly and helpfull. I was searching for a cotoneaster which I anways wanted to own since I started with bonsai. To my disapointment I find out that cotonaster are prohibited in Switerzland sind 2002. Wikipedia can tell you more.

Hier meine neuen Pflanzen:
Berta (pinus mugo „Grüne Welle“)


Barbara (chamaecyparis obtusa „Nana Gracilis“)

Britney (juniperus chinensis „Stricta“ )

Betty (podocarpus macrophyllus)


Bree (ulmus parviflora)


What do you think? Leave me a comment if you wish.


…love, Melanie!

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