My goldies

In my 180 liter tank 100x50x40cm I keep 6 goldfish

The impulse to keep goldfish as pet was came by reading a book about the Japanese culture. They were, together with Chinese, the fist to keep goldfish in the house as a pet. At the time it was more a decoration rather than pet keeping, this because the fish were in more cases in small ceramic vase so the contrast to the white ceramic emphasise the red color of the fish. These days is not the rule but you can still find such keeping in Japan.

So I decided to give my fish Japanese names.
– 2 Pearlscale Yutaka, Kenzo
– 1 black moor Sayuri
– 1 ryukin Taiki
– 1 redcap Keiko
– 1 oranda Shiro

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