Love italian food? You will love the greedy italians!!

Italian kitchen is one of the most loved worldwide, no wonder it’s healthy, extreme simple and unbelievable delicious. Whenever I go to Italy I try something new, and I am always delight of the goodness of the dishes.

I find two Greedy Italians series on Youtube, and immediately fall in love with this two lovely Italian cook. Love the strong Italian accent when they speak, love the simplicity of the cooking, I love the very personal story’s they share.

Every single video takes up to on hour, but believe me is really worth it to look at. I listed the dishes these two old fellows prepared along the road and can’t wait to try some of them.

1 Two Greedy Italians Series 1. The Family

N’dundari: 200gr flower, 220gr ricotta, 3 egg jock, 20gr parmigiano, nutmeg, salt and pepper. For the sauce: pelati tomato’s, pepperoncino, garlic and basil.

Budino al cioccolato con Amaretto: 2TS sugar, 1TS flower, 1 vanilla stem, 500ml milk, 100gr chocolate, 50gr butter, Amaretto liquor and Amaretti biscuits.

Scottiglia di cinghiale con polenta: celery, carrots, onions, peppers and juniper berries, 500gr of meat: wild boar, pork, rabbit and pork sausage, 200ml of red wine, rosemary, sage and laurel, 1,5kg tomato pulp, nutmeg and tomato paste. For the polenta: 3l of salty water, 250gr of 5minute Polenta, 100gr of butter, 250gr of Taleggio, 100gr of Parmesan.

2. Two Greedy Italians Series 1. Poor man Food

Ragú alla napoletana: sausage, spear rips, cheap meat, onions, red wine, tomato paste, 3 tin of pelati tomato.

Crostata al cedro: pastry dough, 5 eggs, mascarpone and ricotta, sugar and candied cedar and lemon

Linguine con gamberi a cozze: linguine, crowns and mussels, chili and garlic, parsley, salt, pepper and olive oil.

3. Two Greedy Italians Series 1. Region Pride

Tagliatelle con fegatini di pollo: butter, onion, chicken liver, red wine or sherry, salt and pepper, sliced truffle and parmesan

Apfel strudel: 200gr apple, 3TS raisins, 100gr sugar, 1 TS cinnamon, 50gr butter, 1 orange juice and zest, pastry dough.

Arrosto di maiale: pancetta, roast meet, garlic, honey, ginger, rosmary, vegetable stock, carrot, pumpkin and shallot.

4. Two Greed Italians Series 1. Saints and Miracles

Stufato d’agnello con piselli: Lamb, onions, carrots and celery, chili and anchovies, thyme, white wine, vinegar, potato, tomatoes, frozen peas.

Insalata di pane agrodolce: old dry bead, carrots and celery, red and yellow peppers, challotte and garlic, zucchini and aubergine (eggplante), olives, thyme, sugar and vinegar

Zuccotto: 500gr ricotta, 100gr candied fruits, 75gr sugar, 30gr cacao powder, 50gr chocolate, 50gr scales of almonds, 1 Panettone and Vin Santo


Hope you like it as I did

…love, Melanie!

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