Summer Bonsai Festival: part 1

  In my previous post I wrote about the Summer Bonsai Festival organized by the Nippon Bonsai Sakka Kyookai Europe (NBSKE) of which I have been a member for a couple of months and am so excited to be part of. This time I’d like to show you more about it. First: The exposition is… Continue reading Summer Bonsai Festival: part 1

Bonsai holidays in Italy

Tomorow I will be at the NBSKE Summer Bonsai Festival at Fai della Paganella (Italy, Trentino) for a hole week. An entire week only of bonsai: bonsai style, bonsai care, pot for bonsai, bonsai presentation, bonsai in the wild. Lucky me, eh! First a couple of information about the NBSKE, the International Nippon Bonsai Sakka… Continue reading Bonsai holidays in Italy

1° Livello, 3a sessione

It’s pre-summer and I had the third session of the Bonsai University in Italy. This third session (3a sessione) was held in May the 18-19 from 9:30-17:00 and the topic were: Theories: cutting and pruning, watering and fertilization the botanical point of view of Bonsai diseased and their treatment Practice: maintenance work of project 1… Continue reading 1° Livello, 3a sessione

Workshop with Nicola Crivelli

For someone starting out with bonsai, it’s always a nice thing to go at workshop’s. You meet new folks with the same interest, you see all kinds of trees, you learn new technique but for me the most important thing is talking to the „oldies“ and absorb all their knowledge in the short time throw… Continue reading Workshop with Nicola Crivelli

1° Livello, 2a sessione

The second session (2a sessione) of my ongoing goal was held in March the 9-10  at the Bonsai University in Milan, Italy. Theorie: root pruning and depotting styling and development of deciduous Practice: spring maintenence work depotting project no.1 project no.2: styling a deciduous tree from nursery stock Over the years, I participated at different… Continue reading 1° Livello, 2a sessione