It’s spring – repotting time!

I had to crack to pot in order to free this acer palmatum from the well to small shoes

Italiano For bonsai lovers spring maybe the busiest season of the year, first check if winter caused some damage, then bring the plants „out“ of their winter sleep, well… you know what I mean, the greenhouse. After that you have to make sure that no late frost could damage your trees. And when the first… Continue reading It’s spring – repotting time!

Workshop in december

This last december I had the opportunity to have tree workshop by my teacher. The first one was on a pinus sylvestis (scots pine), the second on a juniperus chinensis (juniper) and the third was on a picea abies (spruce) owned by Nicola himself. Normaly I have an idea about the first styling on my… Continue reading Workshop in december

Creating a forest out of almost nothing

Last week I went to Nicola’s for another workshop. We worked on an abies picea or spruce, I created a Kusanomo, some Shitakusa, we did some autumn work on two shohin, a zelkova and an acer burgeniamum. It takes me up to 2.30 hours to travel to Nicola’s place and during the long way by… Continue reading Creating a forest out of almost nothing

1° Livello, 3a sessione

It’s pre-summer and I had the third session of the Bonsai University in Italy. This third session (3a sessione) was held in May the 18-19 from 9:30-17:00 and the topic were: Theories: cutting and pruning, watering and fertilization the botanical point of view of Bonsai diseased and their treatment Practice: maintenance work of project 1… Continue reading 1° Livello, 3a sessione

Workshop with Nicola Crivelli

For someone starting out with bonsai, it’s always a nice thing to go at workshop’s. You meet new folks with the same interest, you see all kinds of trees, you learn new technique but for me the most important thing is talking to the „oldies“ and absorb all their knowledge in the short time throw… Continue reading Workshop with Nicola Crivelli