Casual Friday: The Art of Sumi-e painting

Ink and wash painting originally developed in China. The Sumi-e brush painting of Japan has it’s origins in traditional Chinese painting. In China and Japan, calligraphy and painting were traditionally considered one and the same. The same brush strokes that were used in writing were also used in traditional Chinese and Japanese painting (source: The Helpful Art Teacher) Here a… Continue reading Casual Friday: The Art of Sumi-e painting

Shin gyo so

The first time I heard this term I was fascinated by the sound of it: “shin gyo so”…it sounds so poetic, so mysterious. And then someone tried to explain its meaning to me, and I didn’t understand a thing! Having a western mindset we are prone to learn from textbooks, from theoretical rules which make… Continue reading Shin gyo so

Japanese!? Can you learn it?

It’s official! Next May I will go to Japan!! I am so thrilled about it, I am counting the days, well not really but you get the point. It has been always my inexplicably dream to go to Japan, always love bonsai, always loved the simplicity of japan, always loved the melancholy beauty in everything… Continue reading Japanese!? Can you learn it?

Casual Friday: Japan is a wonderfull country

This week the press brought some Japan themed news. For example the most old living man on planet. Jiroemon Kimura is 116 years old and lives in Kyotango (Kyoto prefection) Or one of the biggest Wisteria of Japan. The beautyfull tree is located in Ashikaga Japan is really a wonderfull country. Can’t wait an see it.… Continue reading Casual Friday: Japan is a wonderfull country