casual friday: Little Hunterman

The Little Hunterman

I discovered this little guy on Facebook and fell in love. Not only because Little Hunterman is a Parson Russel Terrier like our Kim, but also because the similarity to my own dog. He has such a refreshing art of telling stories. He has a rubber duck as buddy, loves to snooze on his pillows, he behaves exaclty like a dog does. He is a dog that is scared of open windows but loves to be outside, does not like dog food but loves found left overs, detests changes in his holy routines but loves exceptions if they include rat-chases and his just hilarious.

Xmas tree

Hope you find him as funny and entertaining as I do.

…love, Melanie!

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  1. Dear friend Melanie,

    I am really happy that you found me, because it made me find you, too!

    Thanks for this very nice post about me. And Flynn tells me to let you know that he likes you too, even though you have not made him look important enough in your description (but he likes that you chose a cartoon where he is showing off how smart he is). 🙂
    Don’t mind him. At the core he has a really big rubber-duck heart.

    We wish you a wonderfully, fantastical year 2014 and might all these great Japanese words & signs stick in your memory!

    Your friend
    Little Hunterman

    1. Thank you Little Hunterman
      Is this not a real nice compliment?!

      I wish you to all the best for 2014 and that all your dreams come true and all your sorrow goes away.

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