Casual friday: 2014 the year of the horse


Nengajo 年賀状 (ねんがじょう) is a japanese new year greating card and also one of the most important custom in japanese practices. The begining of the new year symbolize the new life a new begining, well maybee as important in Japan like our Christmas. Is a good practice to make your Nengajo yourself because in fact it express gratitude, a way to maintain friendship in this special occasion.

Ofter the zodiacal animal of the upcoming year is drawn on a nice paper or using stickers, and others can order they personal nengajo online or buy them at postoffices or elsewere.

This year my shodo sensei gave us a self-made nengajo which I really love and I hope I will find the time to make my own nengajo next year for my new friends in Japan.


…love, Melanie!

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